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How to Conquer Food Cravings

We all crave food that tastes delicious but may not be healthy. Chips ring a bell? How about baked goods? Ice cream? We all succumb to these foods at one point or another. I certainly do. In fact, one of the top questions I get asked as a nutrition coach

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Omega-3s and Nut Allergies

For those of you who are allergic to nuts and seeds, fear not. There are still many sources of Omega 3s ups can eat. They include but are not limited to: Salmon Herring Bluefin tuna Mackerel Trout Sardines Oysters Halibut Anchovies Whitefish Tofu Canola oil Soybean oil Seaweed Brussels Sprouts

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How Can I Reduce My Red Meat consumption?

Start by reducing your meat portion size (6 ounces->3 ounces). Next, reduce frequency of meat meals per day (3 per day-> 2 per day). Finally, reduce the days on which you eat it (start with meatless Mondays, which will also help you become part of a community that supports meat-reduced

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Do Ginger Shots Alleviate a Sore Throat?

It’s that time of year when colds and sore throats abound. While pharmacies are lined with medications and supplements, you might also be contemplating natural substances to heal your common winter ailments. The use of ginger for to relive scratchy, inflamed throats, for instance, is popular, and dates back to

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How Can I Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays?

If you’re going to celebrate with sweets, eat them once a day after dinner. Eating them as the last thing in the day ensures that you won’t have to worry about falling into the trap of potentially doubling up on them. Also, make what you eat worth it. Stay away

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