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Consultant, Coach, Nutritionist (MS), Program Developer

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I’m a consultant, holistic wellness coach, nutritionist (MS), adjunct professor, speaker, and author of The Win-Win Diet: How to be Plant-Based and Still Eat What You Love, with 20 years of experience as a wellness entrepreneur and thought leader. I work with corporate, educational, and non-profit organizations, reaching thousands of individuals; from senior leadership to employees at every level in small to Fortune 500 companies. In my work I develop, lead, implement, teach, evaluate, and consult on wellness programs, which integrate plant-based nutrition, exercise, yoga/mindfulness, and sleep. My mission is to make the world a healthier place by educating clients about how to achieve balanced and optimal well-being, individually and collectively. From learning new habits to creating weekly lifestyle plans, we cover it all to last for life.

Corporate Wellness

Your people are your lifeline. Together, we will:

One-on-one and small group coaching

With personalized coaching, I am here to guide you to:
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Joyous health is first and foremost about nurturing personal qualities and lifestyle habits. I am here to help you develop and sustain your optimal state of well-being.

 Some of the many benefits our work will yield include:

My Method

An integrated and enjoyable practice

A healthy lifestyle balances the body and mind. My method combines plant-based nutrition, exercise, yoga, and mindfulness, with eight qualities I believe are the key to long term well-being: ambition, passion, discipline, courage, resilience, balance, resourcefulness, and self-acceptance.

I will guide you to discover a personalized eating pattern with foods you can enjoy and that best suit your needs. 

I will teach you how to move, breathe, feel, and discipline your body in ways you’ve never known. 

What’s more is you will be able to maintain your new lifestyle with ease. 

Our work is a collaboration. Together we will discover what works best for you.

Julie has taught thousands of clients through individual coaching and corporate wellness programs. Her personal and professional experience are grounded in a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from NYU and national certifications in yoga and fitness training through the Yoga Alliance of America and ACE™. She is a published author of The Win-Win Diet, a book that offers flexible and sustainable plant-based solutions for everyone. Julie earned her AB at Harvard College.

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