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How Can I Reduce My Red Meat consumption?

  1. Start by reducing your meat portion size (6 ounces->3 ounces).

  2. Next, reduce frequency of meat meals per day (3 per day-> 2 per day).

  3. Finally, reduce the days on which you eat it (start with meatless Mondays, which will also help you become part of a community that supports meat-reduced and meat-free diets).

  4. Avoid fast-food meats and other highly processed deli meats. If you have the choice, go with higher quality fast casual instead of fast-food, or select plant-based burgers and menu items (most fast-food and fast casual now have them). Replace red deli meats with white deli meats like turkey, chicken, vegetables, cheese, and plant-based proteins like tofurkey, tempeh, and seitan.

  5. If eating meat at home, buy lean cuts labeled “sirloin” and “round,” and select higher grades such as “choice” or “select.” Also, buy 95% lean varieties and if you can’t find those, cut off as much fat as possible. Best possible choice is pasture-raised and grass-fed meats.

  6. Choose skinless lean organic white meat over red.

  7. Experiment with plant-based meats in mixed dishes or when making burgers and (i.e. Impossible and Beyond), knowing they are processed unnatural foods and not for consistent consumption. Use them as a transition food.

  8. Substitute as much meat as possible with tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, fish, eggs and other plant-based proteins.

  9. Educate yourself about animal food production, healthy recipes and nutrition. New habits are more likely to stick when you are informed and passionate about why you are instituting them.

  10. Save red meat for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, weddings…etc.

  11. Prepare and cook your meat to reduce it’s harmful effects. Choose methods of cooking that do NOT involve high heat like grilling and frying (these are associated with increased risk of cancer). Choose baking, roasting, broiling and stir-frying instead.

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