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How to Make a Healthy Sandwich

Sandwiches are indeed easy and convenient, but according to the USDA, they are also the top source of sodium and saturated fat in the American diet. As a nutrition coach, I don’t typically recommend that my clients eat sandwiches. I prefer they choose fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, smoothies, seed

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14 Ways to Eat Consciously

To eat consciously means to make active choices in favor of your health and wellbeing. It’s different from eating mindfully, which means to be present, set the right context, and use your intuition to meet your body’s needs. Examples of eating consciously include choosing to: Prepare healthy meals Eat home

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Is Pasta Bad for You?

White pasta made with refined flour is not a food you want to eat several times a week. But it doesn’t have to be forbidden either. Here’s a little story I hope will help sort out your feelings regarding pasta, and how you want to incorporate it into your diet.

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Can Dairy Be Part of a Plant-Based Diet and Does It Cause Inflammation?

Dairy can be part of a healthy plant-based diet. It’s full of nutrients including vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and high-quality protein among others. Moreover, numerous studies show that dairy is associated with fewer incidences of type-2 diabetes, certain types of cancer (colorectal, bladder, breast), childhood obesity, and cardiac events such as

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Is Coffee Good For You? The Health Benefits of Coffee

If you’ve been following health news lately, you’ve probably come across a plethora of articles touting new studies that support the health benefits of coffee. The age old questions “is coffee good for you” and “is coffee bad for you” finally seem to have clarity, backed by science. Here’s the

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Seitan Tacos

These seitan tacos are a favorite recipe for #tacotuesdays. They suit meat-eaters and vegetarians alike (seitan seems to be a favorite plant-based meat replacement for carnivores). They are light and delicious while also infused with the wonderful rich flavors of chipotle and adobe. The melted cheddar, a touch that normally

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How to Create A Heart Healthy Diet

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, costing approximately 18 million lives each year. A heart healthy diet will not only prevent chronic and even fatal cardio events, but will also enhance your energy, focus, sleep quality, and physical comfort. While there are numerous ways to execute a

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