My Method

Integrating nutrition and movement in a holistic and personalized practice

Whether I coach people in their homes or in a corporate environment, we work together to tap into new resources of energy, focus, optimal physical potential, and greater emotional balance, with joy. I work with my clients to affirm 8 qualities that I believe are essential to sustaining optimal health:


A healthy diet and lifestyle are essential to well-being for everyone. Studies show that in addition to enhancing energy levels, mood and focus, personalized plant-based diets are highly effective in mitigating stress, anxiety, chronic disease, pain, depression, and so much more. 

Why nutrition coaching?

As your nutrition coach, I will help you develop a personalized and sustainable plant-based lifestyle defined by healthy food, positive eating habits, exercise, and most importantly, a balanced mindset. A plant-based diet, paired with movement and mindfulness, can optimize your physical and mental health, giving you not just the body you’ve always dreamed of, but also an inner state of balance, which will allow you to enjoy and manage your life in all its wonderful complexities.

Becoming plant-based is easier than you think. Even minimal changes have a significant impact on your health, the environment and animal welfare.

Yoga & Mindfulness​​

Wherever you are in life, embracing growth and change may mean adjusting your expectations and exploring new challenges. Yoga is about tapping into your true self, nurturing self-acceptance, and learning how to actualize your strongest health potential. Studies have shown that yoga and meditation improve physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as overall quality of life. 

Why yoga & mindfulness coaching?

As your coach, I accompany you on a journey that leads to a dynamic state of health and takes your body’s individuality into account. Whether you’re new to the practice or advanced, injured, suffering from a chronic disease, want to lose weight, pregnant, anxious, depressed, or simply seek to improve your overall health and performance, I’ve seen it all and experienced much of it first-hand.

We will see the results both quickly, and over time. Wellness is an exciting, lifelong process.

My new book is out!

Reinvent your diet, take control of your health, and live a better life with a flexible and sustainable plant-based diet solution.